Highly Technological Advanced AC of the Luftwaffe


There were a lot of other advanced German aircraft that was not discussed in this work piece. There are for instance the Ar 234, a high altitude, high speed jet bomber, the BA 349, a vertical launched, rocket propelled fast interceptor, the Fa 223, a helicopter, the He 162 and He 280, fast jet interceptors, the Me 163 'Comet' and Me 263, rocket propelled high speed interceptors, capable of reaching a maximum operational speed of 596 mph. Of these aircraft,the Ar 234, He162, Me 163 and Me 263 played a major role in the German war effort towards the end of the war.

There was,of course,similar projects being researched in Britain, USA and Japan during the same time. Germany was only the first to introduce some of these advances into war, despite of serious bombing raids against her industry.
It may be interesting to notice that some of the aircraft discussed in this work piece, could have been used as a basis for many of today's high tech aircraft, for instance, the B2 stealth bomber,the Grumman X-29A, the F 111 Aardvark or the F 14 Tomcat.



No Title Author
History of the German Air Force Bryan Phillpott
German Jets of World War Two Manfred Griehl
Warplanes of the Third Reich William Green
Take Off magazine Part 33

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