Highly Technological Advanced AC of the Luftwaffe

Dornier Do 335

This was a unique aircraft, due to the two in-line engines in the fuselage.  The front engine drove a normal puller propeller, while the rear engine drove a pusher propeller.  This configuration was patented in 1937 by Dr Claudius Dornier.

The front engine was mounted in the normal fashion, with a reversible pitch air screw and an annular nose radiator. (Like a FW 190D-9)  The other engine was mounted in mid fuselage and drove a pusher type air screw at the tail of the aircraft, by means of a hollow extension shaft.
This engine was cooled by a ventral scoop radiator. (similar to the P-51 Mustang)
The aircraft was developed as a Single seat fighter-bomber, high speed reconnaissance, heavy destroyer (Zersstorer) or a two seat night- and all weather- interceptor.  The first prototype (Do 335 V1) flew on October 26, 1943.  The first operational model (Do 335A-0) was produced in May 1944, powered by two Daimler Benz DB 603 A engines.  It's armament consisted of a hub-firing 30mm MK 103 cannon and two 15mm MG 151 machine guns.  It had a weapons bay capable of carrying either one PC500 or SD500 500 kg bomb or two SC250 250 kg bombs.

The cockpit had a jettison-able canopy and the pilot was provided with an ejector seat.  On ejection, the upper ventral tail surface and rear air screw was jettisoned by explosive bolts. The pilot was protected by an armored glass windscreen and an armored bulkhead behind him.  The lower ventrical tail surface could also be jettisoned in case of a wheels-up landing.

This aircraft might not look like a huge technological design, but due to it's design, it had the potential to be a very powerful weapon if utilized correctly.  It could carry a fairly big weapons load for the time, and still perform well.  It was a good fighter-bomber, capable to fit well into both roles.


Type Single-seat fighter-bomber
Power Plant Two Daimler-Benz DB 603e-1 12 cylinder, inverted-V, liquid cooled engines, each rated at 1,800 hp for take-off and 1,900 hp at 5,905 ft
Armament One 30mm MK 103 cannon with 70 rounds
Two 15mm MG 151 cannon 200 r.p.g
One 500 kg PC 500 or SD 500 bomb or two 250 kg SC 250 bombs carried internally
Two 250 kg SC 250 bombs carried on wing stations.
Performance Maximum speed : 474 mph at 21,325 ft
Cruising speed : 426 mph at 23,610 ft
Economical cruising speed : 281 mph at 19,685 ft
Range on internal fuel at max continuous power : 867 mls
Range on internal fuel at economical cruising speed : 1,280 mls
Time to 3,280 ft : 55 sec
Time to 26,250 ft : 14.5 min
Service ceiling : 37,400 ft
Weight Empty equipped : 16,005 lb
Normal loaded : 21,160 lb
Dimensions Span : 45 ft 3 1/3 in
Length : 45 ft 5 1/4 in
Height : 16 ft 4 7/8 in
Wing area : 414.411 sq. ft

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