Highly Technological Advanced AC of the Luftwaffe


During World War II, the world experienced a technological boost.  The four most prominent nations in the war (Germany, Britain, USA and Japan) made the biggest technological advances.
According to available information, Germany was the country that treaded the furthest into the future, with the use of ejection seats, axial flow turbine jet engines, infra-red target seeking, air-to-air missiles and many other practical applications.
There were also a few 'radical' inventions that could not be completed before the end of the war, but that are used today in high technology warfare, like Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM), forward swept wings (x-wings), variable sweep wings, just to name a few.
On this site, a few of these technological advanced German aircraft, that was developed during WW II, are covered.
Some reached operational status, while others only reached the development phase.
All of these designs had the potential to alter the outcome of the war, if it was not mainly for bureaucracy and a shortage of resources.

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