Highly Technological Advanced AC of the Luftwaffe

Junkers Ju 287

This aircraft was designed by Dipl. Ing. Hans Wocke, who introduced forward swept wings for better low speed handling and lift and good handling at high altitude.

The first prototype, Ju 287 V1, was built up of different existing aircraft spares.  Only the wings were specially built.  It was powered by four Jumo 004 turbine jet engines. Two engines were fitted to the sides of the forward fuselage and two were slung beneath the wings.
It was flown for the first time on August 16, 1944 bu FlugKapitän Siegfried Holtzbauer.  The test flight proved Wocke's theories to be correct.  They also established that the engines should be mounted to the forward part of the wings for better high-speed performance.
The Ju 287 V2 was fitted with a cluster of three engines mounted on the forward part of each wing.  It also had retractable landing gear.

The V3 and A-0 (production version) had the same engine arrangement as the V1.  Full production status was never reached, because the factories was overrun by Allied forces.
The V2 was transported to Russia, together with Dipl. Ing. Wocke.  There the V2 was completed and test-flown by FlugKapitän Dulgen after the war.

(Manufacturer's estimated figures)

Type Three-seat Heavy bomber
Power Plants Six BMW 003A-1 Sturm axial-flow turbo-jets each rated at 1,760 lb.s.t
Armament Defensive : Twin 13mm MG 131 machine guns in remotely controlled tail barbette
Offensive : Maximum internal bomb load of 8,800 lb
Performance Maximum speed at sea level (at 35,400 lb) : 509 mph
Maximum speed at 16,400 ft (at 35,400 lb) : 537 mph
Maximum speed at 36,100 ft (at 35,400 lb) : 487 mph
Maximum cruising speed at sea level : 447 mph
Maximum cruising speed at 23,000 ft : 493 mph
Range with 8,800 lb bomb load : 985 mls
Range with 6,600 lb bomb load : 1,175 mls
Range with 4,400 lb bomb load : 1,325 mls
Time to 19,700 ft : 10.5 min
Time to 32,800 ft : 33 min
Weights Empty equipped : 26,278 lb
Maximum loaded : 47,398 lb
Dimensions Span : 65 ft 11 3/4 in
Length : 61 ft 1/4 in
Wing area : 656.598 sq. ft

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